Help Distributors Promote Their Clients With These 3 Tips


With the marketplace flooded with gimmicks and influencers, brands have to ensure their promotional efforts are felt to their target audience and customers and last as long as possible to get the highest ROI. The brands who promote their companies the best are very mindful of the impact they have to affect consumers towards their brands versus the competition. 

Your job as a supplier is to make promotions much simpler for your suppliers. Helping distributors find the fastest ways to sell, retain clients and build loyalty will assist your sales with constant orders and promotions for your distributor's clients. 

Of the best ways to market a company is with promotional products. Promotional products have long-lasting capabilities, tangible daily usage and the ability to keep brand names in front of consumers while they go about their daily activities. Unlike commercials and magazine ads that can be forgotten, promotional products take useful items and are branded with your company logo and art and keeps your brand in front of people's eyes over and over. 

We wanted to share Help Distributors Promote Their Clients With These 3 Tips.

Choose Useful Tech Products

According to SAGE, "Fifty-three percent of these people use a promotional product at least once a week." With tech products the percentage can be even higher with power bankswireless chargersspeakers and USB's products that are used on a daily basis for long periods of time. 

Choosing the most useful products for your brand promotions increases your brand's consumer impressions, brand recognition, and impression. According to a Nielsen Company audience report, the average person in the United States spends approximately 10 hours and 39 minutes each day to screen time!! This means power banks and wireless chargers are key mobile accessories that your brand's target customers and audience will need. 

Largest Imprint Area

The best way to display logo and increase visual impressions 
is to have a large imprint area for your brand to be displayed. Tech products like slim power banks, offer full imprint areas for the entire surface to be covered with your branding.

Having this much coverage over the promo product gives not just your user, but other consumers visibility to your branding, increasing your impressions per usage.

Premium Items

Choosing premium promotional products not only ensures the items are used for a long period of time, but your brand becomes synonymous with quality and dependability -- qualities that all brands want to be known for. With premium brands like Apple, RAVPower and Amazon, your logos are co-branded with some of the worlds most recognized premium retail brands. You gain instant credibility with this co-branded strategy.

Top tech products have the same high quality without the brand name, that delivers the same impact with high quality perception.
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