3 Ways To Help Distributors Sell More Products


Suppliers are more and more becoming consulative in their approach with distributors. When there's big money on the line with clients who easily hop from one supplier to the next, they key to having loyal distributor clients is to offer more ways to help them in their businesses beyond just pushing the next cheapest product.

Here are some tips:

1. Becoming more consulative. But what does being consulative to your distributor clients mean?? According to Hubspot, "The consultative sales process is primarily focused on the experience that the potential customer (the lead) feels and sees during their interactions with you. It’s about the how you find ways to provide your leads with value and make it all about them. Not your product, your business, your numbers. The consultative sales process is most especially not about you."

Rather than make a pitch to the buyer (“let me explain why you should buy our product”), a skilled consultative seller initiates a substantive dialogue with the buyer. It’s through this conversation where the buyer reveals how the salesperson can help them. -Pipe Drive

2. Leverage QuickShip. The QuickShip program is two-fold. For last minute promos with 1, 3 or 5 day production or QuickShip Volume from Los Angeles. QuickShip Volume is unique in that you can order up to 10,000 quantity to satisfy your inventory without waiting for overseas shipping with lower prices on our most popular power banks! Give your distributors the power to order large volume domestically without worrying about overseas shipping and extra costs. 

3. Free Virtual Mock Ups All The Time.  The power of seeing your logo on an item will help distributors sell more, more quickly to their end-buyer clients. Offer Free Virtual Mock Ups with every quote you deliver. This gives the distributor the tools to pitch their ideas and tech products already with the client's logo on the promo items.
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