How Suppliers Can Add Value To Clients


In the age of direct buying, how can suppliers ensure that their clients remain loyal to their company? We will break down key ways suppliers can add value to their clients and remain a success factor in their businesses.


Become Service Oriented

No matter what product you are supplying, the difference between forming repeat business is creating a long-term relationship with your clients through customer service. It's not just about pushing products, but about how much your team cares and goes above and beyond for your client's needs


Train your managers and staff to not just be order takers, but how to create relationships with clients so that they will have a competitive edge over other supplier companies.  


Following Up

So often, after an order is placed and delivered, suppliers lack follow up. Because you have formed a relationship, following up gives you key access to immediate feedback, gives you better time to correct any mistakes as quickly as possible. 


Following up is key to sales and most lacking with sales teams. Whether you have created an automated system or doing voice calls for a more personal touch, following up on your clients is will imperative to your success as a distributor. 


Key Knowledge

Becoming the ultimate guide to your niche will not just create loyalty, but it will ensure that you have the trust of your clients who are coming to you for key products. Your team has to have the most knowledge about products, how to market them and all the ins and outs of products. So training your employees and customer service reps about each product will help your company have huge success with your clients. 





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