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The state of the promotional products industry has quickly shifted from a want-based industry to needs based with distributors all over the country working to deliver PPE products to their clients and their customer base. 


As a supplier, distributors depend on your expertise and resources to quickly deliver the products they and their clients need. You have the ability to adapt and include PPE products to your supply chain and deliver them to your distributors. As distributors are fulfilling orders to service clients with much needed protection gear, we wanted to ensure you that the products you order from Promocharger are inspected reliable factories, FDA registered and meet with the CE personal protective standard. 


Distributors nationwide are currently experiencing a huge shift in the products they provide to their clients. They are counting on suppliers like you to deliver FDA listed products from reliable resources with quality controlled systems for the highest protection products to their customers. We follow the strict standard process to inspect the factory and inspect EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT and order to ensure the utmost quality, protection and safety standards are met for you and your client's health and safety. All of our effort is to make sure these products are ready to protect our customers. 

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