How Premium Brands Will Boost Your Distributor's Clients

There are key factors to boost your brand image. With promotional products, the industry trend as been to co-brand with highly recognizable retail brands and add your logos and decoration to enhance the branded experience for the consumer. As your Top Tech Specialists, we don't see this trend going anywhere and believe it is becoming industry standard to have access to name brands in every distributor's catalog. 

Retail brand names bring attention to your client's brands and here are some reasons how this will make an impact on your marketing campaings. 

Name Recognition

Major retail brands have spent years and years, resources and millions of dollars to have solid name recognition for their products. When you place your client's logos and decoration on already visibly mainstream products, your client's brands experience a hightened and elevated image through name brand association. This is why this trend continues to grow and grow.

At SunJoy, we have began to introduce premium retail brands and products like Apple AirPodsAmazon Echo Dot and RAVpower items. When it comes to technology products, brands who have a proven track record of reliability, premium quality, high-end design and have consumer approval are key to success.

Adding these name brands to our portfolio gives you, the distributor, access to grow your product offerings to include the best in the industry for your clients. 

Third Party Credibility

A brand name like Apple carries a lot of credibility with their products part of modern day culture. Brands who have this high level credility have instant recognition and valuable market share. With your company co-branded, their brand shares in the credibility of the existing name brand. The investment to choose name brand products versus generic items for promotions pays itself back with the third-party credibility that your brand will experience with co-branding your company with a trusted premium brand. 

The high value you pay to have that premium brand with your company logo gives your promotional products the added credibility that consumers need to use your promos in their daily usage. This then gives your brand the added exposure it needs to generate more eyes to your company products and services.

Instant Consumer Trust

In any relationship, trust is the biggest factor of loyalty. When your brand logo is featured on a name brand product, consumers recognize the quality associated with the name brand. With that, your brand benefits from the trust and recognition. Your promotional products are used more often and offers a positive consumer experience.
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