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Tired of working at night to contact overseas factories?
 - You can contact promocharger 24 hours a day! No more losing sleep.

Do not have a system to manage your orders and still need to dig for old proofs, artwork and POs?
-We offer a free portal that connects with our system, providing real time update of your order status to easily search your previous and current orders.

Is your purchasing quantity too small to receive the most competitive pricing from overseas factories or too small to be accepted at all?
- No worries! you will share the best pricing with the largest suppliers. We combine small orders to receive the best pricing from our long term partner factories.

As a professional one-stop importer, we will ship your order to you or your customer at the best possible price. Also, we have a dedicated shipping representative who will monitor your order from pickup to on-time delivery.

Our QC includes onsite personnel to ensure rare problems are taken care of before products leave the factory.

We are constantly looking for new unique products that will stand out in the Promotional Products industry. Looking for or have an idea for new product? Contact us and we will find it!

Since we are incorporated in the US, you are dealing with trusted and reliable American partner who will always deliver.

Your Promocharger team.

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